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Things to Know About The Greatest Soccer Tournament Weekened

Things to Know About The Greatest Soccer Tournament Weekened

FIRST OFF I WANT TO THANK all of the participants, parents, spectators, volunteers and all of our sponsors who have made this weekend possible. I just want everyone to be on the same page: This will be our first tournament of hopefully many to come over the years. Please take that into consideration while at the fields this weekend. Mistakes may be made but trust me…we will do everything to make this an enjoyable event for everyone involved. Let’s all come together and make The Greatest Soccer Tournament an event the kids will remember forever.

Bracket Breakdowns – 2019 Breakdown of Brackets

Coaches – Here is a link to the GameDay Check In Process

Team Check In Process - Coaches must check in their entire team at the registration tent located at the AJSL fields before their 1st game. Please leave yourself plenty of time to do so...

It will be crowed early at the registration table so be prepared and have all the outstanding information ready. Uploading all documents online will make the process easier.

Tournament Rules - Click Here

Volunteers – Please check in at registration tent the day of the tournament and we will find a place for you. Thank you for helping out…we couldn’t do it without you. Volunteers must park at Underwood’s Towing across the street from the fields. Please do not block their front big doors in case they need to get in and out over the weekend.

Field Rules - No alcoholic beverages or dogs are permitted at any field site. All vehicles are restricted to designated parking areas. Children must be supervised at all times. Please no tents or grill set ups in the parking lot...we have limited space at a few of these venues.

Parking Rules – There will be limited parking at the fields so please park smartly…volunteers will be helping with parking…please listen to them.

Spectators – I know every team wants to win but please remember that these are kids playing. Try to act accordingly and make this a GREAT experience for everyone involved.

Referees and Code of Conduct – Remember that all of our referees are people too. Treat them with respect. They will do the best job they can but it’s a hard job…mistakes will be made but it will be OK. We are here to have the kids have a great experience, meet some new friends and have a good time. Leave the refs alone.

Referees please park at Underwood’s towing across the street from AJSL fields.

Field Locations - Click Here - Fields may change so please check before all games.